Design Thinking comes up short when trying to develop a better user experience for the next billion blockchain users, and maybe that’s intentional.

Ok, let me set this up. I have been managing product development, user experience design, and engineers teams for over 10 years. Since 2013, my team and I spent more and more of our energy designing products for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As a product design studio, you could not have hoped for a greater challenge than the frontier of decentralization and self-sovereignty, so we poured in. …

WARNING: Shameless proud-investor promotion ahead, but this team deserves a shout!

A number of years ago, I started using CBD products to help with insomnia and other sleep-related problems. I was stoked on the results. Going from 3 hours to 8 hours of sleep a night felt like I was becoming a superhuman. You never understand the power of rest until you regain it after years of not having it. That goes for all feelings of operating to your fullest potential.

So, as an aging athlete, active lifestyle person, and CBD believer, I wanted to use CBD topicals for joint…

How using 3 simple constraints will result in more focus, more launches, more creativity, and less burn.

I like to think of the constraints put on a project to finish like the pressure put on coal to make a diamond. If you apply the right amount of constraint, the end result will be stronger, clearer, and more elegant.

Many of my clients, both in my consulting and in my agency life, have been surprised to learn that I am “happier with a smaller and established project budget” vs. having to create an often larger budget based on aspirations and loosely…

Where does $2.3 Trillion come from and who is making the money?

Know the dinner table and Zoom happy hour basics of how money works during a time of trillion dollar bailouts and stimulus checks.

Over the past few weeks, seeing the economic effects of COVID-19 (the Coronavirus Pandemic) and watching the US government assemble a stimulus package of over $2 Trillion into our economy, I have become increasingly curious with how our country’s and the world’s money works… like actually. We’ve seen other economies crash recently — why didn’t they just print more money? …

ETH Denver Bufficorn mascot and ETH Denver 2020 logo mark

New year, new efforts, new blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases to believe in.

The ETH Denver format: Each year at ETH Denver, hackers, sponsors, participating businesses and speakers capture the evolving use cases for blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Hacker- or builder-teams assemble to develop a blockchain project in a weekend’s time. On the final day, they present their concepts for the opportunity to win cash and prizes. Perhaps even more exciting for these participants is stumbling upon an opportunity to continue building their projects beyond the bounds of the competition. …

How market research, education, and user experience will greatly influence the success of your STO and create a repeat investor.

Firstly, What Is A STO?

In order to understand why market research, education, and user experience will play a crucial role in the success of your STO, let’s first understand what an STO is (and isn’t) and the benefits it can deliver to investors and users.

An STO, or a Security Token Offering is similar to the initial coin offering (ICO) in that the asset is delivered in the form of a digital blockchain-based token. Unlike the ICO however, the STO actually represents an investment…

We have been asked by clients to manage their market strategy, marketing, and advertising efforts for years. Here’s why weren’t then, why we are NOW, and what to expect.

First, A Super-Quick Background

We were founded in 2011 with a desire to build better designed mobile and web experiences. Since inception, we’ve been passionate to leverage emerging technology solutions like AI and machine learning. By year two, we realized there were huge gaps in the process of taking an innovative idea from concept to launch. …

With the hesitation to trust who and what we interact with online, can blockchains remove the need to trust all together?

One of the biggest fundamental shifts in thinking we make to understand the value of blockchains, is how they dismantle the traditional ways in which we trust. More explicitly, blockchains reimagine the ways we trust things like websites, data sharing, institutions, brands, and even the internet itself. In fact, blockchains can remove the need for trusting all together. But how?

Trust Definitions

For starters, let’s unpack what we mean by trust and understand the difference between trust, distrust, and trustless.


The User Experience of Blockchain Technology, Part I

This is likely the most interesting conversation we have and work that we get to do at Ideas By Nature. The supporting statement that we tend to echo is: “What good is innovation, if no one can use it?”

The topic of blockchain technology’s effect on user experience design delves into many areas that quickly become philosophical as well as industrial. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing multiple blogs on this topic, to allow readers an opportunity to explore each topic and notion.

Over the past 10-odd years, the user experience designer has been able to hone their…

“How much should we spend to build a product or MVP?!” Before we get into all that, let me first describe how we define an MVP (a POC and a Feature).

MVP: is a standalone product or application that completes one or more functions in a feature-complete way. This MVP can be delivered to a closed/limited group, or publicly to all users. The main distinguishing factor is ‘viable.’

POC: is an internally delivered application or clickable prototype, intended to prove the feasibility and functionality of a collection of features.

Feature: is one element or function of a larger POC or…

Jeffrey Vier

Denver, CO based free-thinker, business designer, and technophile. What good is innovation, if no one can use it?

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