A business with a mission just does better. Period.


WARNING: Shameless proud-investor promotion ahead, but this team deserves a shout!

A number of years ago, I started using CBD products to help with insomnia and other sleep-related problems. I was stoked on the results. Going from 3 hours to 8 hours of sleep a night felt like I was becoming a superhuman. You never understand the power of rest until you regain it after years of not having it. That goes for all feelings of operating to your fullest potential.

So, as an aging athlete, active lifestyle person, and CBD believer, I wanted to use CBD topicals for joint and muscle pain. Personal backstory — I hate ingesting unnatural painkillers and am always exploring the natural alternative.

Long story short, I was just flat-out-bummed with how poor the results were from the CBD topical products available. I started to feel that non-ingestible CBD and CBDa products were totally bogus. I also learned that some probably are and it really comes down to natural production processes, quality ingredients, and care when working with CBD.

In 2019, I had an opportunity to become involved with Planetarie and its mission to bring a purer CBDa product to people. From day 1, a topical salve was in the lineup and it blew us away. I use it almost daily and it proved that topicals were a real possibility, when taking extreme care with how you extract the magic.

This week we launched a new Muscle Rub with an endorsement from cycling legend and Olympian, Chris Carmichael, that I am amped about.

This team and its mission are doing such an awesome job.